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Crohn's Disease

Crohn's disease (as well as ulcerative colitis) is a severe type of inflammatory bowel disease which involves chronic inflammation of the intestines.  Doctors typically try to treat this inflammation with corticosteroids to suppress the inflammation.  But then the side effects of these medications are the trade-off, with one of the worst symptoms being that of suppressing the immune system itself,  the very  system that ultimately gets us well from all disease.   Because Crohn's disease is mostly believed to be an autoimmune disease, doctors strive to keep the body from essentially attacking itself with these immunosuppressant drugs.  This autoimmune response (leukocytosis) happens through the digestive tract malfunction called “leaky gut syndrome”, which allows incompletely digested food to pass through the intestinal lining and enter the bloodstream.   The immune system remembers these protein invaders and reacts like an allergy each time you consume them. This opens up the possibility of eventually making you allergic to every food you eat.

More specifically, this Leaky Gut Syndrome is basically perforated bowel, which allows particles of food to pass through it and enter the bloodstream.  During the digestion process, a protein, typically made up of thousands of amino acids, are linked together.  The digestive enzymes cleave to the bonds between the amino acids during digestion, allowing the individual amino acids to pass through the wall of the digestive tract.   And, when isolated amino acids enter the bloodstream, they do not excite an abnormal immune response.  However, during the process of digesting the protein, if a piece of partially broken-down protein, known as a peptide, is able to pass through the digestive tract wall by mistake, this peptide can and will excite the immune system to react against it.  

This peptide, containing perhaps a hundred amino acids, is now recognized not as a nutrient like an individual amino acid, but rather as a foreign substance that needs to be attacked and removed.  Thus, the immune system produces an antibody to this antigen and an antigen-antibody complex is formed.

Since yeast overgrowth can cause symptoms mimicking many diseases, misdiagnosis is common and yeast overgrowth remains undetected allowing it to further colonize, thus creating more side effects and ill health.

Most alternative therapy focuses on killing off the yeast and providing the body with the pro-biotics.  These therapies fail to correct the damaged intestinal tract which allows the yeast condition to return.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman who wrote “Fasting and Eating  For Health” is a proponent of water and juice fasting.  In working with patients with autoimmune disorders, he was able to witness and document their healing from this abnormal immune response.
Dr. David Christopher, N.D., Dr. John Christopher's son, suggests the following routine:
The following twenty day protocol addresses all aspects of treatment and can permanently eliminate Systemic Yeast Overgrowth and Leaky Gut Syndrome.

FIRST STEP:: On the first two days, consume two quarts of a decoction of Black Walnut and Pau d’ arco (one quart each day).  This is made by simmering the herbs in water for twenty minutes at the rate of one tablespoon of the combined herbs (equal parts) per cup of water. This procedure will kill off the yeast, which on other programs can make you feel very nauseous.  This nauseous feeling is avoided by taking plant-based digestive enzymes in large amounts (triple the stated dosages on the label) and flushing out with Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel formula #1 and #2 during these first two days. (Use LB#1 only if patient does not have diarrhea).

NOTES: The Lower Bowel formula can be taken the whole time if needed. You should have three bowels movements a day and the amount of Lower Bowel taken is the amount needed to give you three bowel movements a day. It is most important during that first procedure so that the body is eliminating the yeast etc.

Udo’s Choice has plant-based digestive enzymes, which are available at most herb shops online.

NEXT STEP:  For the next 14 days, take five capsules five times per day of a digestive tonic or one tablespoon of slippery elm gruel five times a day.  Either of these methods will coat, soothe and heal the lesions in the intestinal wall. (You can continue to take the Lower Bowel #2, 1 teaspoon, five times a day during this time.)

THIRD STEP: For the next two days repeat the first procedure.

FOURTH STEP: Take copious (triple the stated dosages on the label) amounts of multi-strain Probiotics to re-establish the flora.  Further aids would be to eat raw sauerkraut, Kim Chi, raw apple cider vinegar, Rejuvelac, or miso in large amounts, which are the exact foods to stay away from if you have leaky gut syndrome, yet they rebuild the flora once the leaky gut is healed.
NOTES: Udo’s Choice has Probiotics, which are available at most herb shops.

The probiotics need to be taken for about a week to rebuild the flora.

Note:  It is absolutely essential that you do not feed the yeast during this procedure.  Therefore, do not consume any sugar or alcohol in any form.  This includes all dairy, grains, and fruit.  So enjoy twenty days of a wonderful vegetable, nuts, seeds and sprouted legume diet; thus ensuring a healthy life, free of systemic yeast overgrowth.

Most people with Crohn's disease have researched this physical malady and have most likely been told by their doctor that their condition is incurable.  However,  history has proven that people can get well from even the most serious cases of Crohn's.  Temporarily avoiding the foods that create leukocytosis is vitally important during the healing process. 

Many people with Crohn's disease have tried just about everything to get well, but continue to struggle with the symptoms.  Many have tried juicing, avoiding the offending foods, cleansing the body, taking key supplements, but fail in this one vital point....In order to get well, people with Crohns must flood the body with nutrition (via juicing and superfood drinks), simultaneously cleansing the body, and consistently supplementing with all the other healing modalities.  Supplements alone will not get one well.  Juicing fasting and juicing with sprouting, (although very healing) even if done without herbal support, is frequently not carried out long enough for the digestion to heal.  Many times, it's hit and miss.  But, when all the healing modalities, supplements, and juicing all come together for an extended period of time, then the miracles happen. 

Paul Nison, who is a raw foodist and author, once had a severe case of Crohn's disease.  His doctor wanted to remove his colon.  But Paul took his health into his own hands and attended the Hippocrates Health Institute, where he was introduced to sprouting, raw foods, cultured foods, and wheatgrass implants.  Today he attributes his healing to the raw food diet. 
However, most people with Crohn's will tell you that they are unable to eat many of the raw foods and cruciferous vegetables their body needs to get well.  Matter of fact, the diet prescribed by most doctors is a very bland, fiberless, diet, with little-to-no nutrition.  So what is the answer?  The raw food diet needs to be made up of 50-75% of sprouted seeds and nuts in the beginning.  As the digestion heals, other raw foods that will heal the body, making it alkaline, soothing the inflammation, will become easier to digest. 

Once the fire has been put out, the time to plant a healthy bacteria into the colon via cultured and probiotic-rich foods, becomes necessary.  Because many people with Crohn's have been on countless courses of antibiotics, the normal intestinal flora is completely stripped of their health producing properties.  Repopulating the colon with this healthy bacteria is important in order to continue the healing process and stay well. 

Sometimes people have to grieve the fact that their body has betrayed them; that they can no longer eat the way they used to be able to eat; or, they cannot eat things that others eat.   But I look at it a little differently...Digestive problems are become more and more common.  Many people now suffer from digestive difficulties of varying names by the thousands.  What a blessing to be able to say, “Hey, I've been able to heal my own serious condition, by the grace of God, and I can now be a message of hope to others in this same situation.  You may never again be able to eat the way others eat.  You may never be able to eat with the total abandonment of youth...but, you will be able to be healthier overall by making these changes in your diet.  Many people who now have heart disease, cancer, and other maladies would be able to avoid them if they also incorporated this healthy diet.  So take heart.  Consistency will pay off.  

1.  Foods we crave:  Many times we crave the very foods we're allergic to.  The good thing about your illness, is that one day you will be able to eat many of the healthy foods that the body is attacking today.  Meanwhile, avoid the foods you crave the most.  In addition, because of a depleted nutritional diet that many Crohns patients have been on for extended periods of time, cravings can be intense and severe.  Many people are nutritionally starved and therefore crave even more the foods that keep them hooked and craving more.
2.  Antibiotics:  Synthetic antibiotics strip the colon of its much-needed intestinal flora. Herbal antibiotics include:  Echinacea, garlic, onion, grapefruit seed extract, oregano, golden-seal, oregon grape root, and others that will heal without the negative side effects.  Eating garlic is a great habit.  Eat with sliced apple pieces to help with the strong taste. 
3.  Grains:  Unfortunately, before grains came onto the scene, there was relatively little digestive distress in America, and irritable bowel syndrome was rarely heard of.  The gluten in grains is a common allergen among people who are gluten intolerant.  Even then, because the gluten can line the colon wall with a glue-like substance, gluten can further inhibit nutrient absorption.  If you crave breads, my challenge is to switch to a gluten-free healthy sprouted bread.  Information on grains can be found in the book, “Against The Grain.” 
4.  Sugar:  Candida feasts on sugar.  So do parasites.  In order to get well from Crohn's, all forms of sugar should be completely avoided.  For an occasional treat, a home-made cookie using maple syrup or honey can be used discretely. 
5.  Meat and dairy byproducts and dairy:  Milk is a common allergen.  Milk is problematic for many reasons.  Here are some obvious reasons to say goodbye to cow's milk forever....a)  Whatever the cow is fed ultimately becomes your food.  Cattle are fed hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified food along with the accompanying glyphosate from Round-up.  Cow's milk contains pathogens that parasites love to feed on.  I traded in cow's milk many years ago for coconut milk, which is a delicious substitute.  Our earth is getting old, our animals are becoming more diseased, and the time has come to turn up the heat for total health.
6.  Genetically modified foods:  I find that people have a difficult time categorizing genetically modified food and how it should fit into their life.  Genetically modified foods contain poisons in the very seed that was given to us by the Creator to sustain life.  To top this amalgamation off, they infused each seed with Round-up's glyphosate, a toxic chemical which is actually accumulative in the colon.  Getting well from digestive illness involves not only removing this toxin from the diet, but colon cleansing to remove the poison residing in the colon. 
7.  Soy:  98-99% of all soy is now genetically modified.  But more than that, soy is very difficult to digest and it wreaks havoc with hormones in the body.  Soy is no longer the “superfood” it once was.  Soy allergies are becoming more common every day. 
8.  Packaged products:  Most packaged products contain harmful ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, MSG (frequently hidden under other names), and the list is endless.  Many people are so highly allergic to some of these additives that they can't imagine something so small can produce such a big reaction.  However, many people achieve healing just simply by avoiding the things that got them sick in the first place.  Beginning with packaged products is one of the first places to start. 

1.  Lower Bowel #2:  Dr. Christopher's #2 bowel formula has healing and soothing properties, but is also excellent to be used in conjunction with cleansing toxins, mercury, lead, mucous, and other poisons out of the body.  If this formula creates constipation, use in conjunction with the #1 bowel formula.
2.  Slippery Elm Bark:  This is one herb that helps to put the heat out, and is also a nutritive herb, which means that it not only soothes the digestive tract, but it is also nutritious.  It can be used very effectively as an implant. 
3.  Valerian root:  This is a wonderful soothing herb for not only the nerves, but is also useful for use in cases of spasms of the digestive tract along with or even used separately—chamomile, peppermint, and wild yam.  British herbalist David Hoffman, author of The Herbal Handbook, suggests treating Crohn's with a combination herbal cocktail of two parts bayberry, and one part each of chamomile, mugwort, peppermint, valerian, and wild yam.  Another famous herbalist, Daniel Mowrey, Ph.D., in The Scientific Validation of Herbal Tonic Therapies, recommends fenugreek, gentian, ginger, golden seal, licorice root, myrrh gum, and papaya leaf).   
4.  Massage:  Sometimes just massaging the stomach is very soothing to the digestive tract.  Putting a natural product on your skin with essential oils of any of the following is useful particularly in soothing the colon:  basil, bergamot, chamomile, geranium, lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, thyme, and ylang-ylang.   
5.  Supplements:  Sadly, even supplements can be toxic to the body.  Supplements are basically a chemical made in a laboratory.  As such, the body many times recognizes them as a toxin, and has to dispose of it.  But when we give the body a whole food, as in a green supplement found in chlorella, spirulina, and other superfoods like organic alfalfa, the body takes the nutrients it needs from these whole foods.  Our nutritional needs may change from time to time to other things, so to give the body supplements we think the body needs is like trying to second-guess the body.  God made the body to be self-healing when we give it the tools it needs to get well. 
6.  Supplementation continued:  However, there are a few supplements that our Western diet has created in our diet (a societal deficit) as a whole that we actually need to take until our body becomes healthy:  a)  Iodine:  A scientific study on the association between Crohn's and iodine shortage in the body was conducted.  The results produced results showing that most Crohn's patients actually have a shortage of Iodine in the body.  Iodine needs can be supplemented with kelp (in Dr. Christopher's superfood), irish moss, and/or bladderwrack;  b)  Vitamin D3:  Did you know most people in America are Vit D3 deficient?  However, vit D3 is one of the most helpful digestive aids.  Begin by taking 10,000 IU a day to bring the level of vit D3 up.  When getting your D3 checked by your doctor, ask your doctor to work with you to get your levels up to 100.  Read the book by Jeff T. Bowles, The Miraculous Results of Extremely High Doses of the Sunshine Vitamin;  c)  Magnesium chloride: Magnesium will help the body better absorb vitamin D3 (the sunshine vitamin), which will help the body heal digestive maladies.  Both of these supplements will also help the body absorb other nutrients better, as well as iodine.
7.  Cultured Foods:  Picture a field that has been ravaged by flood.  All that is left is dirt, devoid of its top soil, without the ability to grow new vegetation.  That pretty much describes the colon of people with irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's.  The soil needs to be replenished with nutrition and seed.  The seed is cultured food. After the colon has been ravaged by antibiotics and then diarrhea, the intestinal flora, which is where most of the immune system resides, is completely depleted.  It needs to be restored by cultures of sauerkraut, cabbage jack, and other probiotic foods.   The homemade version is inexpensive to make and much more effective than store-bought cultures.  Eating these cultures between meals will help to quickly grow the much-needed seed in the colon.  As the intestinal flora begins to repopulate and the gut begins to heal, allergies begin to dissipate.  The inflammation goes away, and nutrition is once again easily absorbed through the bowel.
Lastly, remember your value in the eyes of God.  As you work toward improving your own health, He will work with you, guiding each step of the way.  God will never force anyone to consult Him with their health.  Matter of fact, some of the healthiest people on earth are heathen tribes from Africa.  They have good health by following, although unconsciously, through lifestyle and diet--the laws of health.  Because of it, the bodies maintain their life protective shield against disease.  It's God's way of saying that He does not want to force us to serve Him.  But what a benefit He brings when we consult Him on the difficult-to-cure areas of our life.  Whatever we are struggling with, He is a ready helper.  He will help you put the pieces together in dealing with Crohn's and irritable bowel disease.  Just ask Him.  You'll be glad you did.
Annamarie Clement:
1. Probiotic
2. Fast every 7th day
3. Do implant every day, 4 oz, of Kale or parsley, Algae – Spirulina, as implants nourish and cleanse the liver and large intestines. Incredible results.
Message of Hope
“We may be as weak as was the woman who touched the hem of Christ's garment, but if we use our God-given opportunity to come to Him in faith, He will respond as quickly as He did to that touch of faith.”  MM 116