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Dr. Christopher's Three-day Cleansing Program

Disclaimer: Highway to Health appreciates this article, but this does not necessarily imply an endorsement of every teaching of this author, company or organization.


This cleansing program is for the purpose of purifying the human body for healing.  If you are overweight, this procedure will take you down to your normal body weight; and if you are underweight, it will bring you up to normal.  the purpose of the entire program is to eliminate mucus from the body, and with the mucus out of the body, a natural healing is obtained in a more SIMPLIFIED way, wit the least inconvenience to the patient.


    1.  It cleans the mucus out of the body, which is the problem source that develops polyps, tumors, cysts, etc., which bring about old age rapidly  (see "BODY PURIFICATION-DETOXICATION  PROCEDURE below.)

    2.  It gives you food that are of the highest vibratory quality (that are alive, nutritious and healthful), which can rebuild the vital parts of the physical body so that they do not periodically break down without warning.  Mucus is the cause of allergies, the cause of disease, of pain, and of death--and for this reason we are giving you this mucusless diet to keep the body clean from those dietary substances which cause old age (see "THE MUCUSLESS DIET")       

    3.  It provides you with corrective aids to facilitate the healing and generation of the body system.

    4.  It releases static electricity from the body and, in this way eliminates the altogether too common resultant frustrations and confusions.

    5.  It provides you with herbal formulas that may help you find better health and happiness.


To begin this cleansing program, the patient is required to undergo three days detoxification (body purification) therapy, then proceed with the diet as is outlined hereafter.  The mucus and catarrh elimination and detoxification procedure that we recommend is taken in part from Dr. N.W. Walker's book, "Raw Vegetable Juices: To Detoxicate". 

Supreme cleanliness is the first step towards a healthy body.  Any accumulation or retention of morbid matter or waste of any kind within us will retard our progress towards recovery.

The natural eliminative channels are the lungs, the pores of the skin, the kidneys, and the bowels.

Perspiration is the action of the sweat glands in throwing off toxins which would be injurious to us if retained in the body.  The kidneys excrete the end products of food and body metabolism from the liver.  The bowels eliminate not only the food waste but also waste matter, known as body waste, in the form of used-up cells and tissues, the result of our physical and mental activities, which if not eliminated cause protein putrefaction resulting in toxemia or acidosis.

The retention of such body waste has a much more insidious effect on our health than is generally suspected, and its elimination is one of the first steps toward perceptible progress.

One efficient method to effect such elimination quickly, particularly in the case of adults, has been found useful through the following procedure:
    First thing in the morning upon arising, we drink 16 ounces or more of prune juice.  The purpose of this prune juice is not primarily to empty the bowels, which, however, it will do anyway, but rather to draw into the intestines from every part of the body such toxic matter or body waste as may be there, and eliminate it through the bowels.

During the three-day cleanse, take one or two tablespoons of olive oil three times a day, to aid in lubricating bile and liver ducts, etc. (May be added to grapefruit juice if desired).

If nothing were done to replace, in the body, something in volume equal to the quantity of matter so eliminated, then the body would naturally be dehydrated to that extent.  Therefore, by drinking fruit juices, we replace the toxic or acid material so removed.  the procedure should have an alkaline reaction on our system.  There are various types of juice therapy--apple, carrot, grape, citrus, tomato, etc.--but use only the one chosen for the three days, and "chew" each mouthful thoroughly.  (Swishing each mouthful thoroughly in the mouth so saliva will mix with it is called "chewing".)

Choice of liquid for the body must be made by individual experimentation and preference.

We do not eat anything all day during the three-day cleanse, although if very hungry towards evening, we may take some celery.  In using apple juice, use an apple or two.  With carrot juice, use carrots or celery.

APPLE JUICE THERAPY.  As one of the greatest herbs and blood purifiers known, we have the most common fruits, the apple (Natural order-Pomaceae) with over 2,000 varieties.  Dr. Edward E. Shook states:

"There is no other remedial agent or herb in the whole range of known therapeutic agents, that can compare with the apple tree, and although it would be difficult to say which of its many virtues is the greatest, we suggest that its abundance of nascent oxygen compound is probably the main reason why it is such a precious food, blood purifier, and unfailing remedy for so many forms of diseases."

The chemical breakdown of the apple shows why it is such great value in healing.

Fresh apple juice is best, if obtainable, otherwise buy any bottled apple juice that has no preservatives or additives, pure apple juice.

After beginning with sixteen ounces of prune juice first thing in the morning, within one half hour take an eight-ounce (regular size tumblerful) of undiluted apple juice.  Swish each mouthful thoroughly in the mouth (called "chewing") so the saliva will mix with it; thereby we can get all the nutritional and healing value from it.

(NOTE:  This is why all meals should be eaten without liquids to drink--so the food is chewed thoroughly enough to become a liquid by being mixed thoroughly with saliva, which is the key that opens the door to digestion.  Juice must not be gulped.  In this way the full value will be obtained and there will be no danger of regurgitation or having it act as an emetic to a weak stomach, but it will be very soothing and affable.  This procedure will also work well with the pancreas in case of high or low sugar level, with no bad side effects.  By using the saliva properly, the healing program is greatly accelerated, for the rest of the digestive juices then are able to function properly instead of haphazardly.)

Then, when desired, drink a glass of plain water (preferably distilled water), followed another half hour later with more apple juice.  One gallon of apple juice is consumed for an average size adult, or one ounce per pound of person's weight if smaller or larger. (This, of course, is an approximate and suggested dosage, as age, ability to hold liquids, etc., determine the capacity for each specific case.)  This procedure is suggested as a "rule of thumb", and not a specific law--but the alternating procedure has proven to be the best way.

Breaking up the mucus during the juice cleanse generally causes constipation throughout these three days.  Use more prune juice or take some of our lower bowel formula and follow instructions in its usage.

We repeat this detoxication for three consecutive days.  Thus, approximately three gallons of toxic lymph will have been eliminated from he body and will have been replaced by three gallons of juices.  This has resulted in speeding up the realkalinizing of the system.  If there is a jaundice condition or pain the the liver-gall bladder, use the "Liver/gallbladder Anti-parasite Formula".

On the fourth and subsequent days, we begin taking vegetable juices and vegetables and fruit, preferably all raw.  For breakfast, for example, we would eat fruit in season, sliced, chopped or grated; some honey for sweetening, and one or two tablespoons of finely grated unsalted almonds sprinkled over them.  We would also drink one or two glasses of fresh fruit or vegetable juices thirty minutes before or after eating fruit.  For lunch, we would eat more fruit and one pint fresh raw vegetable juices.  For dinner add a fresh salad of leafy greens and raw vegetables.

We need not be unduly alarmed if we feel somewhat weak during or after this detoxication.  Nature uses our energies for a housecleaning within us, and we soon regain greater energy and vitality as a result of a cleaner and healthier body.  It is good to do the three day cleanse monthly or several times a year.

(NOTE:  If there is the slightest tendency toward appendicitis, we would also take high enemas--using catnip tea or a tea made of three parts red raspberry leaf and one part lobelia--taking two, three or more enemas daily for one week or longer if necessary.  We only believe in using enemas as an emergency, not as a crutch for an inactive bowel.)

CARROT JUICE THERAPY:  The same procedure for apple juice applies for carrot juice.  It can be used straight without diluting, taking an eight-ounce glass every half hour, if desired, as with apple juice.

CITRUS JUICE THERAPY:  The best juice for those in the citrus belt, unless they prefer apple juice, is a combination.  These citrus juices are prepared fresh and in the following proportions:  four to six grapefruit, according to their size; two to three lemons, according to size; and enough oranges to complete a total mixture of two quarts.  Dilute with two quarts of water, making one gallon citrus juice mixture.  Proceed as in apple juice therapy.

GRAPE JUICE THERAPY:  If living in the citrus belt, it is not necessary (if not using apple juice) to follow a specific grapefruit, orange, and lemon combination for the liquids that are used during the three days.  It is permissible to substitute unsweetened grape juice containing no additives for the citrus juice. (It is better to use the types of foods which occur naturally in one's own climate.)  (Frozen grape juice is not recommended because many unacceptable additives are combined in nearly all cases.)  The brands of juices sold in the health store that are grown on unsprayed and organic soils are definitely superior to other types that are sold in grocery stores; nevertheless, for many years we have seen many tremendous cures and a lot of good done with brands such as Church, Tea Garden, Queen Isabella, and Welch's grape juice that are on the grocery shelves.  (They still have great potency, but are not preferred when better juice is available.)

Dilute two quarts of grape juice with two quarts of water.  We drink one eight-ounce tumblerful beginning half an hour after having taken the prune juice in the morning.  We follow this with a tumblerfull of these diluted juices every twenty or thirty minutes thereafter until the whole two quarts of juices diluted with two quarts of water are finished.  Follow procedure as in apple juice therapy.  (Do not dilute apple or carrot juice.)

PREPARATORY FAST:  After the first three days of cleansing, if a person has the desire and ability to do so, it is always profitable to fast one to three days using only distilled water, then a day of juice, before returning to salads and other regular foods.  Do not eat any heavy foods immediately after a cleansing period or after a fast, but add these to your diet gradually.  This is the best and smoothens way to get back onto solid foods.

CLEANSING SYMPTOMS:  As the cleansing begins the housecleaning process throughout the entire system, it will be accompanied by periodic aches and pains in the areas where the cleaning action is most acute and the wastage is loading the elimination system.  There are times when YOU WILL FEEL VERY ROUGH!  DO NOT PANIC on your days after cleansing or during your periods of healing.  In fact, the cleansing action may produce all the symptoms and effects of sever illness, but the patient should here act with knowledge and not blame the temporary problem condition on the cleansing solution that is taking place--for patience is required here, and much comfort should be derived in the realization that the healing process is well underway, and the sooner such discomforts come and are felt, the better.

We do recommend the beginning of the castor oil fomentation (explained later in this program) during this three-day juice cleanse.

This elimination and cleansing will not be accomplished instantaneously, and one should not expect these lifetime accumulations that are packed into the system to be miraculously squeezed and flushed out of the tissues and organs in some "colonic fashion".  This will all take time --CYCLE TIME (working with the body's normal cyclic function).  So on Dr. Christopher's program you will have high days and low days, and these will take place in cycles.  These "cleansing sicknesses" come in cycles of seven days, seven weeks, seven months, and seven years in most cases (yet some persons may vary from this)-- and on each of these cyclic periods there will be healing and cleansing CRISIS.  As the toxic poisons break loose and are dumped into the blood stream so that they can be eliminated from the physical body you may feel pretty rough; and quite frequently during a crisis you MAY FEEL WORSE THAN YOU EVER DID BEFORE STARTING THE PROGRAM--but again, DO NOT PANIC!  These crisis are, again, merely toxic poisons trying to get from your body (thereby they heavily load the excretory channels) and are doing you the favor of leaving as rapidly as possible (causing pain and discomfort in the elimination process).  But the bad days will become fewer and fewer and the good days greater and greater, if you are faithful to the program.  Professor Arnold Ehret's book "Mucusless Diet Healing System" which can be purchased from any health food store) may help you to understand some of the reactions you might experience while ridding the body of toxins, wastes, and mucus.