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Long-term exposure to drugs, especially antibiotics, exposure to foods, especially wheat, corn, eggs, or milk products, without giving the body rest from these products.  When certain foods are eaten, toxins are stirred up in the body which has an excessive retention of waste matter.

Allergies can occur when the immune system and adrenal glands are weak.  The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys and produce hormones that strengthen immunity.  When the body is not strong enough to handle invasive substances such as pollen, dust, and animal dander, it will begin to produce histamines, which cause the allergic responses of sneezing and red, watering eyes.  Antihistamines may seem to relieve the symptoms for a time, but do not get rid of the cause.  They can also cause drowsiness. 

Strengthening the immune system may be a better long-term approach.  

Dr. Harold Thomas Hyman, M.D., in his book Handbook of Differential Diagnosis (Philadelphia, London, Montreal: J.B. Lippincott Co.) explains that despite limitations in current understanding of the problem, the state of allergy is described best as "a perversion or perversions of the mechanisms of host-defense." Several pages then continue to explain whether the allergies are histamine versus tuberculin type and the many tests, clinically, to determine the cause. The cause can be pollens, plants, microorganisms and their products, animal tissues, digestants, cosmetics, drugs, serums, articles of clothing, dyes, industrial products, physical modalities (heat, cold, solar energy, etc.), and psychic tensions.  Typically, people can have allergies to just about anything, but building up the immune system is the key to healing from allergies. 


The first step in cleaning up the cause of allergies is to work on rebuilding the bowel area to a "healthy action."

Herbal Aids:

1.  Purify the bloodstream with Dr. Christopher's detox formula (red clover blossoms, chaparral, licorice root, poke root, peach bark, Oregon grape root, stillingia, prickly ash bark, burdock root, and buckthorn bark).

2.  Other Treatment:  A three-day juice fast each month is recommended to cleanse the immune system.  Follow this up with the Highway To Health diet.

3.  Be sure to drink at least one gallon of distilled water per day for an adult of average size. We use one ounce of distilled water to each pound of weight per day--20 ounces for a 20-pound child. One who weighs 130 pounds would use 130 ounces per day, or about one gallon.

6.  Food Allergies: Food allergies are another very common cause of headache. The worst culprit is sugar; I have experienced sugar headaches, which are sort of a withdrawal; you eat the sugar, and then as the body is trying to eliminate the toxic substance, your head pounds. Cheese commonly causes headaches, probably the worst of the dairy products for this, although allergies to any of them may cause the pain. Meats and eggs are also common allergens.

7.  Onions: Onions are eaten to help the symptoms of allergies.

8.  Milk:  Dr. Marion T. Davidson, M.D., in Southern Medical Journal (Richmond, VA) states: " In my experience of twenty years in treating allergies, milk has always been one of the most frequent reactors on skin testing; only house dust exceeds it in frequency.

9.  A Word About Hay Fever, Pollen and Allergies: Many folks suffer great discomfort during the pollination season of plants. They attribute their symptoms to the pollen, saying that they are "allergic" to it. What is happening is that the pollen is bringing out of their bodies years of accumulated toxins. These come out in the form of mucus running from the nose, eyes, and lungs.  Permanent change can only be had through faithful adherence to a healthy diet. After one year on the mucusless diet, all allergies should disappear. For an immunity to the local pollen, a tablespoon of local raw honey may be taken daily. It won't do you any good to take honey from Hawaii or Minneapolis if you are sneezing from pollen in Copperstown, North Dakota.

Probiotics can help to boost the immune system.

Products Available:  Detox tincture, Swedish Bitters Tonic, Swedish Bitters Capsules



1         Carrot

2         Cabbage leaves

1         Clove of Garlic

1         Radish

1         Pear


ANTI-ALLERGY SMOOTHIE:    (Sandra Cabot, M.D. recipe)

1      Cup Almond or coconut milk  

1       Banana

1       Pear

1       Tbs.  Flaxseed oil

1       Tbs. Freshly ground flaxseed

         Pinch of Nutmeg

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