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Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease which affects the bronchial tubes.

In Asthma the system is filled with waste matter and mucus. Asthma is characterized by labored breathing (dyspnea), wheezing with dry and painful coughing which is often due to an extreme irritation of the mucous membranes in the nasal passages or bronchial tubes. The symptoms are accompanied by constriction of the chest (bronchiolar spasm) and expectoration of mucus (mucoid sputum). Asthma may result in an excessive development (hypertrophy) of the glandular elements. This affliction is commonly believed to be due to hypersensitivity to inhaled or ingested substances such as odors, pollen, dust, smoke, etc.

Asthma is caused by malnutrition. Only by diligent and consistent effort to change embedded habits will one get permanent relief. The cough is a result of nature's effort to expectorate mucus from the lungs, after which breathing becomes easier. Often times the cause of asthma is basically a nervous condition because the nerves are irritated.
  Hay fever may end in an attack of bronchial asthma, and those two are often associated, as both are based upon a nervous predisposition and an unusual susceptibility to small amounts of albumins.

Milk Products: One of the best ways to prevent and therefore treat Asthma is not to use milk products. Dr. N. W. Walker, in his book Raw Vegetable Juices (Norwalk Press Publishers), says about cow's milk, "Cow's milk is probably the most mucus-forming food used by human beings. The casein content of cow's milk is exceedingly high, being about 300% more than is contained in mother's milk. [Casein, by the way, is a milk byproduct and is considered to be one of the most tenacious adhesives used for gluing wood together.] This is one of the reasons for the mucus condition of children and adults brought up to drink quantities of such milk and for the resultant colds, running noses, tonsil, adenoid, and bronchial troubles--whereas carrot juice is one of the greatest aids in the elimination of mucus!

General Program for Clearing Up Asthma:
To get to the root of the matter, the system must be cleared of toxins and the nerve energy restored to normal; then the cause does not exist.

The cause starts with the customary unclean bowel, take care of this with the three day cleanse and using the Dr. Christopher's #1 Bowel Formula, follow the mucusless diet and use a gallon (for an adult) of steam distilled water daily. For those who do not understand what is meant when the words "mucusless diet" are used should read the booklet "Dr. Christopher's Three Day Cleansing Program and Mucusless Diet" The following is an excerpt from same:

"The mucusless diet. We should not put mucus into the body faster than it can be taken and eliminated. With this preventative diet, not only are the sinuses, the bronchi, and the lungs cleared, but also the constipating mucus (catarrh) in the tissues of the body from the head to the bottom of the feet.

"Harmful or mucus-forming foods. Secondary, denatured, or inorganic food substances are to be eliminated from the patient's diet

"Eggs: No eggs should be eaten in any form."

"Sugar and all sugar products: You may use honey, sorghum molasses or blackstrap molasses, but no sugar of any type."

"Meat: Eliminate all red meats from the diet.

"Milk: Eliminate all dairy products, which include butter, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, etc. These are all mucus-forming substances and, in most cases, are extremely high in cholesterol. As a substitute for butter or margarine (hardening vegetable oils, etc.), you can train your taste buds to enjoy a good, fresh, bland olive oil on vegetables, salads, and other tools and you will discover this is one of the choicest foods there is."

"Flour and flour products: When flour is heated and baked in high temperatures, it changes to a mucus-forming substance. This is no longer a food, which means it has no life remaining therein. All wholesome food is organic, where unwholesome food or dead food is inorganic. This is the key to our whole mucusless program."  (The flour products spoken of here are flours containing gluten).

This affliction also calls for plenty of outdoor exercise, deep breathing, and good ventilation while sleeping. The whole body system should be built up with tonic herbs such as chickweed, comfrey, marshmallow, mullein, etc. Diet should be mostly fruits and vegetables, avoiding all processed devitalized foods.

Herbal Aids:

1.  Dr. Christopher's Herbal Respiratory Formula: (Resp-Free) It is wonderful for asthma. This combination of herbs in tablet, tea and capsule form is an aid to relieve irritation in the respiratory tract--lungs and bronchial. This is an aid in Emphysema as well as other bronchial and lung congestion such as bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, etc. Suggested amount for an adult is a cup two or three times a day, or 2 or 3 capsules or tablets two or three times a day with a cup of comfrey tea. For additional help in the program, it is good to add three to six drops of tincture of lobelia to each cup of tea. This formula consists of comfrey root, mullein, chickweed, marshmallow root and lobelia.

2.   Dr. Christopher's Hay Fever Formula: (Sha Tea) It is good for asthma also. This combination is a natural herbal aid working as a decongestant and antihistamine to dry up sinuses and expel from the head and bronchopulmonary tubes and passages the offending stoppage and mucus. Combine this with the respiratory combination to speed up the process. The wise person will turn to fresh wholesome food and beverages to keep the body in a perfect state. This will guarantee permanent relief, by going to the cause.

3.  Mullein: This herb soothes the lungs and helps bring up the phlegm. It can be combined with sage and plantain for use in asthma. Sometimes a vapor treatment of Mullein is good for asthma, which is made by simmering a strong pot of Mullein tea and inhaling the steam with a towel over your head. This is also good for bronchial troubles of various kinds.

4.  Skunk Cabbage:  This herb may be made into a tea.  Because of its antispasmodic properties, is well known in many cough problems. Foremost in this use is its application in asthma. It can help control the coughing and sneezing in hay fever. Many claim that it is useful in cases of tuberculosis. For people who have chronic dry coughing spells, skunk cabbage can offer relief. It will also clear up a chronic cold, with a cough which will not leave because of mucus accumulations and bronchial problems of all kinds.

Products Available:  Lower Bowel Formula #1, Lower Bowel Formula #2, Cayenne Tincture, Superfood, Spirulina Plus

Juice for Asthmatics:

1      Carrot
1      Orange or 1/2 grapefruit
0.2   inch Ginger Root
1      Clove garlic
2      Cabbage Leaves
4      inch slice of pineapple

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