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Colds & Influenza
Definition:A cold is a disorder in the respiratory tract resulting from exposure, with catarrh (phlegm and mucus) and invasion of microbial cleansers.

Symptoms:  Common cold, cold in the head, etc., these symptoms are evidenced by an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, marked by an acute catarrhal condition of the nasal mucous membrane, a slight rise in the temperature, chilly sensations and general indisposition.

Cause:  It is caused by viral or bacterial infection feeding on excessive or copious secretions of mucus (waste materials) often due to the body's inability to properly assimilate milk and concentrated starches. When a cold or fever just gets started, it can be cleared up very easily, if the procedures are started early, before it becomes too advanced.

Herbal Aids:

1.  Tansy: For low fevers, ague, colds. Make a tea and drink frequently.

2.  Bayberry: Colds, flu, fever, etc. Use bayberry made into a tea in combination with diaphoretics (yarrows, catnip, peppermint, sage, etc.); it is very effective here.

3. Yarrow: Taken freely as a tea at the beginning of a cold, alone or preferably in combination with other herbal remedies (such as elder flowers and peppermint), it will break up a cold overnight or within 24 hours; wrap the patients feet in flannel that has been wrung out in apple cider vinegar, keeping them warm with a hot water bottle.

4. Chamomile: Take as a tea with a little ginger (Zingiber officinale) added.

5  Echinacea/Yarrow Combination Tincture: Children's cough, croup, and chest colds.

6. Garlic - slice a clove in thin slices and eat with slices of apple.  The apple will help to cut the strong garlic flavor.  You may also chop fine and swallow with water.  Do this as many times a day as possible to build the immune system.

7.  Dr. Christopher's Program for Colds etc. Especially for Children: One of the most simple remedies is to stop the use of all foods and beverages, and drink only red raspberry leaf tea. Between cups of this tea, distilled water may be used, and, if desired, give the child some good organic (natural) vitamin C. Red raspberry tea has been known to facilitate a speedy recover.  Offer the child as much as they will drink.   To make red raspberry leaf tea use one heaping teaspoonful of cut or granulated (powdered) raspberry leaves into a teacup. Fill the cup with boiling distilled water, cover and let stand in a warm place for five or ten minutes. Strain, and drink it while it is very warm.  (Adults may wish to use this tea for a longer period).Another simple procedure: If you feel a cold or flu coming on in the evening, use boneset tea. This herb is a nervine stimulant, tonic, diaphoretic, diuretic, and in large doses, emetic, aperient. Here is another wonderful remedy for breaking a chill in intermittent fever (so-called break-bone fever), muscular rheumatism, bronchitis, influenza, dyspepsia, sore throat, etc. To use boneset tea take one ounce of cut boneset herb and over it pour 1 1/4 pints of boiling distilled water. Cover and set in a hot place to steep (not boil) for thirty minutes.  In all cases of influenza, severe colds, chills and fever, the patient must be in bed warmly covered, and hot drinks of the boneset tea given in one half teacupful doses every half hour until a copious perspiration sets in. If it produces vomiting at first, so much the better. In that case wait until vomiting has completely subsided, then proceed until free perspiration is produced.  Another great flu remedy: For the treatment of fevers of all kinds, colds, and influenza, this remedy of elder flower and peppermint leaves is a safe, sure and speedy remedy. Aside from being anti-febrile, elder is an all around alterative, blood purifier and general systemic cleanser. 

8.  Vegetables for Colds: Carrots, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, collards, kale, spinach, turnip greens.

9.  Apples: Research has proven daily apple-eaters show a reduced incidence of colds and other minor upper respiratory ailments.

10.Grapefruit: Grapefruit rinds can be dried and later used for colds. A tea is made by steeping a teaspoonful of the dried grated rind in a cup of water and drinking a cup each hour until relief is obtained.

11. Ginger: Ginger tea is commonly used for indigestion, cramps, and nausea. One ounce of the fresh root is grated into a pint of boiling water. You can add honey and lemon to this to make quite a nice drink; this also helps break up colds and flu.