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Detox Routine (as used by Steve Wohlberg)

DETOX  -  (Steve Wohlberg’s Healing Routine)

When Steve first began his healing detox program, he was desperate to do his part in the healing process.  Whatever was necessary to regain his health, he was ready to pull out all the stops and make it happen.  That’s really where we all need to be—willing to do whatever necessary in working with the Great Physician to regain our health. 

If this is where you’re at, let me reassure you that God is just as motivated to assist you in your healing journey.  He delights in doing His part in helping you to achieve total health.  His motive is—Your happiness, your health, and an enhanced relationship with you. 

Although Steve had a specific diagnosis for a specific difficulty, most of the time, the journey to healing and detoxification is primarily the same for everyone, which begins by opening up the five organs of elimination—the lungs, kidneys, colon, liver, and skin, and then flooding the body with nutrition simultaneously.  This is exactly where Steve began his healing program.  

Most illnesses actually begin because toxins are coming into the body faster than the organs of elimination can filter them out.  When the toxins start coming into the body either by environmental poisons, the water we drink, the food we eat, lack of exercise, and a stressful lifestyle, we have to optimize our cleansing organs to assist them in eliminating these poisons.  Lastly, changing the harmful practices that got us sick in the first place is a key component to getting well—and staying well. 

The first and foremost rule of healing is that God made us with wonderful self-healing bodies.  Our focus must lie in optimizing the immune system, which is what will help us create great health. 

Steve began with an intense detoxification program, beginning with a juice fast.  His juice fast lasted for three weeks.  During this time, he was able to assist the body in this process with an herbal program based on Dr. Christopher’s Incurables Program.  The bowel program is the best place to begin, as it keeps the bowels open during the cleansing action of the body.  The kidney/bladder and liver/gallbladder formulas were alternated weekly, giving the hard-working organs relief in their work.  And, an Echinacea tincture was used to assist the immune system while dealing with the circulating (in the bloodstream) toxins.  You can read about these powerful herbs and their formulas by reading about them under the Detox kit on this website.
In addition, Steve used the powerful addition of garlic into his diet.  He worked toward consuming a large amount of cloves a day (suggested 10/day).  Garlic is known for its blood-thinning properties.  Garlic is a broad-spectrum antibiotic along with an antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-parasitic.  Everything bad hates garlic.  Garlic is known for its cholesterol-lowering capability as well.  (To assist in eating more garlic, slice the garlic and eat with slices of apple.  The apple will make the garlic more tolerable, and it will be easier to consume more garlic). 
By the above juice fast, Steve was able to turn up the heat in his nutritional program by condensing all the juiced nutrients, temporarily removing the fiber and allowing the digestion a rest.   He was already following the eight laws of health—nutrition, sunshine, exercise, pure water, fresh air, balance in his daily life (temperance), rest, and faith in God, so incorporating this valuable tool into his life intensified his program enough to heal. 
As Steve completed his three-week juice fast, he continued to maintain a high quantity of raw food in his diet to keep the cleansing going (80% raw was his goal).  This 80% raw/20% cooked diet, with juicing combined, is also a healing program, though not as intense as the juice fast, and works well with a busy schedule. 

Steve was able to wean himself off his blood pressure medication, but he could still feel his body cleansing.  He continued to be faithful with his diet, continuing to juice vegetables (carrots, celery, kale, spinach, etc) and a large amount of watermelon and rind (best consumed alone), where he focused on drinking a cup of juice per hour in between meals (as in the Highway To Health Diet).  In addition, he supplemented his juice with a dried Superfood of barley, spirulina, spinach, alfalfa, and chlorella (see Highway To health website).  

As a result, the body responded to this cleansing and building action.  On Steve’s last trip to the doctor he found out by the nurse that his blood pressure was a perfect 110/60.  His hard work had paid off. 

Today, Steve will tell you that he advocates juicing.  With his grueling schedule, he has to safeguard his health.  He wants to be there for his family and to continue to do the work that God has given him.  Steve knows how hard it was to re-gain his health, so maintaining it is very important to him. 

If you have been told that there is no hope for your own condition in life; that everything possible has been done to help you, I hope you will give the Great Physician the final say on that.  He is the God of miracles.  It has been my privilege to witness many.  With His help, all things are possible.

I always loved the story in the Bible of the woman who touched the hem of Christ’s garment.  She had been to many doctors and had spent all she had to get well, yet she was still sick.  Coming to Jesus was an act of desperation, but it was also an act of faith.  When we are willing to back up our faith with action, His healing power will become real in our lives as well.  We may experience the same healing miracles in our day, as in Christ’s day. 
I would like to invite you to experience this same healing miracle in your life as well, as you work with the Great Physician to create another miracle.