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The Sperti KBD D/UV-F lamp is intended for individuals who may not be able to receive either needed sunlight exposures, tolerate or process Vitamin D supplements. The UV light emitted from our Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F naturally generates Vitamin D in the body.

When was the last time you had your Vitamin D levels checked and why should you know?

Think of the Vitamin D Lamp as a Holiday gift option, .....maybe for yourself or a loved one. The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F is very well built and has a carrying handle, so it is easy to share.

The D/UV-F Vitamin D Lamp was developed in for individuals who may not be able to receive needed sunlight exposure or tolerate Vitamin D supplements. It is a fluorescent lamp that produces UV rays similar to sunlight that helps the body generate Vitamin D without tanning. UV light exposure for health benefits continues to grow in popularity as awareness of the benefits increases from medical studies and information in the press. Vitamin D is essential for bone strength and other health needs. Vitamin D is manufactured by the skin through exposure to ultraviolet rays. Please visit the Vitamin D news page for more information and articles on the benefits of Vitamin D.

The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F is a very popular addition to our product line. It is made here in the USA of sturdy, quality materials for years of easy, reliable, and safe use. It comes fully assembled and ready to use, and protective eyewear is included free. The Sperti KBD D/UV-F Vitamin D Lamp is an updated version of our D/UV Ultraviolet lamp utilizing fluorescent technology, specifically formulated to produce Ultraviolet energy in the specific Vitamin D producing range and eliminating any harmful UVC energy.  This unit plugs into a regular power outlet and is equipped to run on all current voltage and will work world wide.



  1. Table top appliance
  2. 5 minute automatic timer, shuts off when exposure regime completed
  3. Emergency on/off switch, terminates operation instantly  
  4. 4 KBD exclusive reflector Vitamin D producing bulbs
  5. No warm-up period. Begin exposure immediately after lamp ignition
  6. 2 pairs of protective eyewear included
  7. No assembly required
  8. 3 month parts warranty
  9. 1000 hour bulb life
  10. 22” (55cm) high x 12” (30.48cm) wide x 6" (15.24cm) deep
  11. 15 lbs. (6.8kg)
  12. 110-220 volt operation (no converter is required)

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